Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still charging us for a service we don't use eh?

I was just checking our bill to make sure that the goodwill gesture had been applied. They were still charging us for internet! We changed providers back in March.

So, I jumped on live chat and it's been over 30 mins now and the issue still isn't resolved. It's going to be interesting to see what he says when he does get back to me. I like they way they are trying to put the fault on Adam's shoulders. Adam have been nothing but brilliant with us.

You know the very best thing about Adam? Australians.

When Lee (that super awesome brilliant CSR who let us out of contract) put me through to the t-box people to cancel the woman on the other end seemed to be struggling a bit with what I was saying. I hung up wondering if she knew what I meant.

Oh, this CSR just saved the day. After leaving me hanging for over 15 mins without a word he came back to say after speaking to his supervisor they both agreed that we shouldn't have been charged anything at all once the service was ported over to Adam so he's going to close off and rebate everything.

If I were them I would still offer me a nice goodwill gesture for the mess. If they had? I probably would be writing this putting them in a better light. The CSR has been good so I can't complain about customer service today.

Okay he told me once everything gets rebated we should have a balance of under $0. He was good in the way that he was sincere in his apologies - or at least came across as so.

So, as of now still no apology letter - we've since stopped holding our breath on that one. But it looks like once everything is said and it is all cancelled. I was on the chat for over an hour while he sorted it out. I had to laugh that he told me that everything on the account had been changed everywhere possible to make sure that no more packages would come out in Kev's name. I told him we knew it wouldn't as we had changed providers.

Still, all in all I think we can finally call this matter resolved. Not as we would have liked with an apology letter - which I may still chase up. It's a matter of principle now. But, now that we won't be left owing anything I don't feel half as irritated. Seeing a balance owing of $225 when I expected it to be maybe $10 was a bit of a shock this morning though.

So, there we go... I'll update if we ever do hear anything from them. I am tempted to send them an invoice for all the hours I have wasted on the phone to them over the past far too long.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Apology Letter (Or Rather lack there of)

Feb 16 2012 we were promised an apology letter (again. Seeing the one from August last year never showed up.)

It's now April 16 2012.

Still no apology letter. No "customer resolutions" letter either.

We may no longer be customers but we still want that apology, Telstra. Not too much to ask for after what you've put us through surely. My voice is getting heard - word of mouth is a powerful tool.

There is something wrong with your systems. Fix it. Don't tell me "I'll pass that feedback on." Don't give me that fake"I apologise." You need to take the 2 or 3 CSRs I spoke to who cared and actually did mean it when they apologised and get them to train the rest of them who liked to tell me "It's impossible."

If it was so impossible then why was I on the phone with the packaging in my hands addressed to a dead man?

But, I guess I am expecting too much waiting for an apology letter to come from a company who never could actually remove a dead man from an account. Despite the account being closed and opened with a completely new account number.

But, I think I'll just let the ombudsman know that we still don't have the apology letter. I'm sure you'll appreciate that. You can't really send a 'customer resolutions letter' as we're no longer customers. Adam Internet have treated us far far better than you ever did.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Broken Promises

My housemate lost her partner to a battle with cancer on Sept 2nd 2010.

Telstra were notified of his loss very soon after it happened and the account was closed. Lee opened a new account in her name.

This is where the hell with Telstra began. We trusted them, and it wasn't until Feb we started keeping a record of each and every call.  You'll be horrified at how long it took them to fix our issues, which were numerous.

  • Took 12 months to remove "Welcome Kevin" from the homepage. 
  • Took 2 replacement modems to fix the technical problems (6 months and at least 12 or more hours of my time on the phone.)
  • Took 2 tboxes to get one that worked
  • Gave up on the thub after the 3rd replacement failed as well
  • SIX packages out of 9 were sent in Kevins name - the last one being on March 2nd 2012. (Despite me calling every single time and being promised it would never happen again)
  • Lost a $200 payment (partly my fault on that one) and sent a cheque to an address I haven't lived at for over 4 years.

On March 2 2011 Telstra finally agreed to let us out of the contract without fees. I am very grateful to that CSR for actually listening to me instead of the patronising 'I apologise. It shouldn't have happened. It will never happen again.' (I wish I had just $1 for every time I heard that from them.)

It's a good thing we have Yogi Da Cavachon to help with the stress relief. We'd be insane by now if not for that gorgeous puppy.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life After Telstra

So, I rang Adam and told them that we wanted to start a new account.

It was so great to be talking to someone in my state. I made him laugh because I said "I'm coming home. I've MISSSSED you guys!!"

Told him about Telstra and what they'd done. He was mortified. He said how he used to be a team leader for them and it was shocking some of the things they do. It's one of the reasons he left.

Asked my name and I said actually it's going to be in Lee's name but she hates talking to you guys after what Telstra has put her through. So, I handed her the phone and said 'be nice.'

I listend to their one sided conversation for a while and smiled because she was laughing and joking around with him. Which was SO damn good to see instead of her going white and getting more and more annoyed.

After she hangs up she tells me he felt so bad about what Telstra did he knocked $50 off the connection fee. Hear that Telstra? You offered 1 month free and I had to ASK for it.

Adam gave it to us because they wanted to! We didn't ask - we never would have even thought of asking.

But, I tell you what it made Lee happy. Our service is so much better. SO much better! It's quicker, and when I do have to call tech support I don't have any trouble understanding people who are a 15 minute drive from where I am. (Had to call them to figure out how to set up the voip).

So, after all this time it's finally over.

Oh, no apology letter ever arrived. We got the bill for the $300 owing to Telstra though - which isn't showing the goodwill gesture of one month. I am waiting to get the termination notice saying we owe $900 though. I look forward sending that to the ombudsman. I did ring them one last time to tell them that we never recieved the apology letter and to update them on the situation.

I really really want that apology letter. Not a resolutions letter. An apology letter. For the rotten hell they have put us all through the past several months. It's nice that they've wanted Kev to live on and never be forgotten. The thing is Kev will never be forgotten. He was loved and cherished by too many for that to ever happen.

However, I tense up and get so annoyed when Telstra is mentioned - even just in passing. I just feel this ball of rage building. It's funny they say you give good customer service and the customer will tell 3 people. You give bad customer service and they'll tell 10. I think you give horrific service that goes on for months and don't do anything about fixing the situation - and they'll tell everyone they meet AND write a blog on the internet.

So there you go. We are free of Telstra now service wise but they're still upsetting me. However, knowing that we are with such a great caring company makes me very happy. We love you Adam. Never change!

Friday, March 2, 2012

But you promised!

Lee and I were discussing how the only thing we are expecting now are 2 Telstra return bags. These have always come in her name - never in Kev's. So we were pretty sure that they wouldn't suddenly turn up in Kev's name.

Cue package slip for Kevin in the letter box. I'm saying how it can't be one of the return bags. It must be something else although we're not expecting anything from them.

We know it has to be Telstra. No one else is nasty enough to send packages to him when it's been so long since his death. I'm at the point now where I want to blow up a photo of him taken in the week before he died and send it to them with a thank you card for bringing this to Lee's mind every single time you do this.

But, they're incompetent and soulless so that wouldn't do anything. It certainly wouldn't raise compassion and get this issue fixed. *sigh* I'm almost bleeding from banging my head against the brick wall that is Telstra.

Turns out, it was the return bag. It's enough. I have had enough.

My day worked out so much better than expected. I found a door in that brick wall that is Telstra.
I rang complaints again. I am so very tempted to send them a letter charging them for all the time I have had to waste on the phone to them. $21 an hour is a fair wage. 

It turns out though I spoke to one of the only remaining people at Telstra with a soul. She was a saint. She was the first person in a very long time to LISTEN to me.

She apologised for putting me on hold - but I told her if she read the notes she'd see what I was talking about. I was so defeated when I said to her look we just want out of the contract with no fees - which after the hell they've put us through I think is enough.

A few people suggested we look into legal action but really what's the point?

Had to laugh when I said to the customer resolutions guy that I had one last request. That they go through their records and see who else is in this situation and fix it. He said "I'll pass on your feedback." That is not what I wanted to hear.

However, this conversation went more the way I wanted after she came back from reading the notes. And I could hear in her tone how horrified and sorry she was. Not that fake I just have to get through this until knock off time tone that most of them have. Eh, yeah Telstra - it does show in their voice. They hated dealing with me. They were talking to me like I was ringing to complain about a bill not the fact that I was complaining about them ruining someones life. (And I'm not exaggerating.) Lee went from starting up a home business to not leaving the house. She was out constantly until this happened. Anyway, this is how the conversation went:

T: Super awesome Telstra employee
M: Me!

Me: Look, we've had enough. This has been going on for months. You've sent 6 out of 9 packages to Kev now. I've been told EACH AND EVERY TIME it will never happen again - and yet here I stand with yet another package addressed to Kev in my hand.

T: I am sorry to hear that. I can see how many times you've called about the issue. I can't let you out of the contract - 

M: *Huge sigh* It's okay, I'll just go back to the ombudsman.

T: I said I can't personally let you out of the contract. Just let me pop you on hold for a minute while I speak to my supervisor.

M: No worries. *starts to feel a tinge of hope.*

I tell Lee what's going on and we wait... and wait talking about omg is this really the end? No, it can't be... it seriously can't be. When she comes back on the line.

T: Okay, so I've spoken to my supervisor and she agrees that this has gone on too long. So do you want to terminate your services with Telstra?

M: YES! OMG Yes.

T: You realise you'll be without services?

M: Yeah, but we're just... so over it. We're so jack of it all.

T: Look, I'll tell you what. Why don't you go find a new provider and then when they port you over it will automatically terminate your services with us and you won't be without.

M: Okay. Thank you SO much. You're an Angel. It's one of the best customer service situations I've had with you guys. Not just because you're letting us out of the contract - but because you actually LISTENED to me. I can't believe you actually listened.

T: (laughing) Well, some of us still like working for Telstra and want to keep customers happy. So, you may get a bill for terminating the services early but I'll give you a reference number in a minute. If you do just ring and give them that number that should fix it.

She then read out to me the notes as she was writing them in the system. You have no idea how happy I was that she did that. I have often wondered what was written all over our account. So, to actually have her read under her breath what she was writing made me so happy.

She gave me the reference number and I thanked her profusely. Lee and I looked at each other and I just started whooping. I felt this huge weight lift.

No more Telstra.

After so many months of hell. No more Telstra.

I can't believe it. Our stint in Telstra hell is over. But, I'm quite happily telling everyone about it. People are horrified.

I can promise you I will never use Telstra services again. I used to at least have them for the home phone wherever I was but now I know how incompetent they are. Never again.

But we're FREE! It's an amazing feeling although I am afraid to trust it. I'm looking forward to the bill that I know will come. The apology letter that will no doubt never come. And, to seeing if they do actually give us that one month free despite us leaving. It takes about 3 months for things to show up on the bill he told me.

No more Telstra. Now to find an ISP that I know is good. I have one in mind. I just hope I can talk Lee into them. Everyone is raving about TPG but I'd rather use a local rather than a national as I am so over huge corporations.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Missing $200

Now, this one was sort of my fault.

Also, OMG I love the live chat option on the Telstra website. For one, I know I'm dealing with people in Adelaide. Locals! Not someone in Manilla who's just going to read a script and not deviate from it. Although, lately it's usually been the Aussies in the complaint section I've been talking to.

Although with tech support it is the Phillipines you have to deal with. Some of them are great. Some aren't. But, I think when it comes down to it we'd all rather deal with locals.

Anyway, I paid $200 back in Jan to what I thought was this account. The live chat guy I spoke to a few weeks ago never got back to me. The woman I chatted with told me to come back in a week if I'd heard nothing. She actually did the bpay trace unlike the first guy.

I accidently paid the $200 to an account that I had back when I was living with Kitty. Keep in mind this is oh 4 or 5 years ago. They took the $6.50 or something that was owing - and then mailed me a cheque for the refund. To the old address.

They sent a cheque for almost $200 to a place I haven't lived in years. An account that was closed year ago. I rang them to change the account into my housemates name because I WAS MOVING OUT. It would have been in the notes. So, he told me he would get that one cancelled and then mailed out to my new address.

It only took me 5 weeks and 3 live chats to figure this out. His customer service was amazing though. I whinged to him about what had been happening too and told him I had NO faith left in the company at all. How could I? After all the crap they have pulled.

The shit with Kev is more than enough but having to call tech support over 19 times is ridiculous. It looks like it was the modem. Still a little too soon to tell - but so far no drop outs.

This T-Hub is as bad as the last. We'll just send it back and say thanks but no thanks. Just can't deal with them anymore. Lee's in therapy and I'm going to have to get some for myself as well.

Imagine you lost your loved one and 18 months later despite numerous complaints via email and phone the corportation KEEPS sending packages to him. Which require answering the door to "package for 'insert name of loved on here'." And, it's constant. It's not like it's every 12 months or so.

Imagine you're the best friend who's got to deal with the corp who do not ever freaking LISTEN to what you are saying. If you can imagine that you'll have some idea of how bloody frustrating the whole thing is.

I hate Telstra. I never did until last year. Lee loved them - not anymore.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Thub issues

This thing - pardon my French is an absolute piece of crap.

The guy I spoke to said he'll send out a replacement but because we have had so many issues if we like we can send it back and just be done with it. It was tempting - but we're only paying $1 a month for it because of one of Telstra's other stuff ups. I swear it's like they are going out of their way to torment us.

They're sending out a new one. I didn't beg them to send it in Lee's name. I want to see if what Minesh has promised me is true. Nothing will ever come out in Kev's name again.

Honestly, if it wasn't so horrific for Lee and my pysche's I would think this was a game. It's so tempting to wrap up some of Kev's ashes and send them down in there in a nice box. Pity we'd get fined when they had to check it wasn't anthrax or anything like that though.

We all miss Kev. Every day she wakes up and he's not here. She was just starting to live again and this has set her back almost to the same level of grief when he first passed.

Telstra? I hate you. This is starting to feel malicious. It really is.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Customer Resolution my arse

Spoke to the customer resolutions guy.

He told me how it had happened. (Exactly what I already knew as I've already been told this a few times. *sigh*) Acting like it was new news. Promised me it would never happen again.

So, in reply I said 'Okay, if you are promising me this will never happen again I want your agreement that if it DOES happen again you will let us out of the contract no fee." Fair enough right?

He was promising it would NEVER happen again (if only I had $1 for every time they'd said that to me.) so it shouldnt be a problem to agree to my conditions right? HA!

"Well, you still have 18 months on your contract so I can't do that."

My blood started to boil. But, I worked as a CSR I know there's no point in screaming at the person on the other side of the phone - ever. Doesn't matter how incompentent you think they are they're a human being too. I just took a deep breath.

I'd asked about a good will gesture on a previous call. So, I asked about that.

"We're willing to offer you one month of services free."

You can just imagine my face. I'm angry (at Telstra. Not this guy.) and my reaction was like *Blink* *Blink* *Blink*

"Hang on, so you're telling me setting someone's grieving process back 18 months is worth ONE month free? She has to go to therapy because of YOU guys."

"I apologise. We are willing to offer you one month."

*blink blink*

And the apology letter? "Yes, I can certainly send you a customer resolutions letter."

I was thinking 'that's not what I asked for. I asked for an apology letter.' It was funny every time he said apology letter he had to correct himself and say customer resolutions letter. Obviously something that says we have agreed to give you 1 month free to resolve the dispute.

Not "We are so sorry that you have had to call us so many bloody times to get this issue fixed. We are incompent arseholes with no soul." or something along those lines.

One month. I accepted it because I was just jack of them. Just up to here. I probably should have refused but where would that get us?

What's the bet we never get the apolo... sorry I mean customer resolutions letter anyway?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Check up

Terri rang today to make sure the modem was working correctly.

She's the first person since I spoke to Sarah and the original girl who was horrified by what's been going on. She apologised but not in that robot I really don't care what's going on get off my phone sort of way.

It made me feel a little better. As I pointed out to her though even though we've had no drop outs so far we haven't had everyone online at once here so we couldn't say if the modem is working properly or not.

God, I hate Telstra so much. I can't believe how much my body tenses up when I just think of them.

Monday, February 13, 2012

:O Package for Lee??

I can't believe it.

They actually sent a package to Lee. Mind you, it was done manually after I begged Melissa the other day so I'm not too surprised. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

This whole debacle has just gotten me so angry. I am so sick of not being listened to. I don't want to be placated. You are sending packages to a DEAD GUY! How can you not understand and fix that?

It's not like it's the first, second, third, forth or even FIFTH time I've complained. And all I hear from Telstra is "I apologise. It shouldn't have happened. His name is nowhere on the account. It won't happen again." over and over and over again. And yet - lo and behold. It happens again.

I mean seriously Telstra? I am willing to bet we are not the only people who this is happening to.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lee calls tech support

Lee hasn't called Telstra since I've moved in. It's just too upsetting dealing with people who seem to go out of their way to be unhelpful.

She called because I was out and the internet had gone out again.

8.13-8.41pm the call took. Apparently all she had to do was remove the email address from the modem page - and add it back in again.

How nice the script seems to have changed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tech Support - Win??

Hey you'll never guess what.

Had to call tech support again. SAME issue as before. Exact same issue as the past 12 months - the one I started calling about 6 months ago.

The one that I'm sure is covered by numerous notes on the account. Yeah, that stinking one.

OMG... A CSR who isn't going through the whole script and making us YET AGAIN do the ipconfig thing and reboot the computers 15 times thing? I think I love you.

He put us through to the Townsville call centre where we should have probably been put through to years ago. The only problem was something went wrong with the transfer and the call dropped out. I sat there staring at the phone with my jaw hanging open as Lee started to get ropeable. "They hung up on you?" "Yeah..." I'm still staring at the phone. "Something went wrong. I don't think it was their fault. I know I've had that happen myself."

The phone rang... and yet another angel. They are few and far between at Telstra.

Spoke to Melissa for about 30 mins. For one heart stopping second we thought we were out of contract - then she realised we weren't so that was disappointing. But, she LISTENED. OMG... Someone listening? No script - offering REAL solutions? She told us she could send out a replacement modem and as we were under contract at no cost as it was covered by warranty.

I begged that it not be yet another Thomson Gateway. She said no, they're not sending them out anymore. They send out Thomson Technicolour now. My friend is having the same problems we are with her Gateway. She's with Telstra too - so I know beyond a doubt now it's not us. She only has the one connection too - not numerous like us.

I begged her to make sure it was sent in Lee's name - not Kevins. I'll be holding my breath on that one - she sounded compenent AND she wasn't patronising at all. She said it would all be done manually so there's hope.

She even worked out it didn't seem like a problem with the line after talking to some of her contacts that it probably was the modem. She was explaining to me a way that we could possibly get around the $120. Finally someone who understood we were jack of Telstra and didn't want to give them anymore money.

She also offered to have someone call back to make sure that the modem was running smoothly and we weren't having issues with it.

I can count on one hand so far the people who have actually been helpful to me - and man I wish I had $1 for every person who hadn't.

I shouldn't be on the phone to them every other day. This is painful - I have better things to do with my time. I wish I could charge them $21 an hour for the time I've spent dealing with them.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ombudsman leads to action and more tech issues

Had a call from the customer resolutions centre today - telling me he was going to be investigating the issue.

Told him I have no faith. I don't care. When he started to tell me it would never happen again I stopped him. "I'm sorry but I've HEARD that before - TOO many times." He stopped and listened for another minute or two as I listed things off.

I only talked about the Kevin stuff - not the other issues. When he said "Well I don't want to tell you it won't happen again as you have heard that far too many times." I felt relieved. I thought to myself finally someone is listening!

Yeah... I must remember Telstra are incompent. Even at higher levels I bet nothing gets fixed.

Had to call Tech support again today (there's a surprise!). First the CSR couldn't see any drop outs - then she could see drop outs and wanted to send someone out to check the line. Which if there were no faults would be $120 fee to us. No thank you. You guys are useless. We are not paying - no matter what. Sorry you've screwed us over for too long now.

She put it through for a call back from the tech guy. He rang me back and told me it would most certainly be $120. I told him never mind. We're not paying that. I'll just call back for the 20th or so time when it happened again. What kind of training are they providing for people? I get if I was a rude and disgruntled customer - but look at our notes! Seriously - I wish there was a way to get a hold of them. I would love to see what they'd written all over them.

So, Minesh is off investigating. Let's see where that leads because seriously...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ouija Board

I've had enough. I've had more than enough.

I broke down today. Why? I rang tech support AGAIN. I'm on the phone to these guys every 3 days or so lately.

CSR: Your number?
Me: 123465
CSR: Name?
Me: My name.
CSR: Hmm, Can I speak to Kevin Dead* please?
Me *breaks down*: No, he's deceased and has been for 18 months and you guys KNOW that. I'll have to call you back. *click*

Poor Lee. She felt awful watching me break down. It was my own stupid fault. I KNEW I should have left the room - or I should have used the handset not the base. Stupid Thubs and their only having speaker phone. I felt terrible knowing that she had to just listen to someone listen to speak to him - AGAIN. This is the 2nd time it's happened to me.

What I should have done is said "Sure, do you have a ouija board or a medium handy? It's the only way you're going to get through to him after all."

Just so much more upsetting because of the CSR on Friday. I KNEW he had no idea what he was talking about. Kevin's not on the system anywhere anymore my arse!

I rang the complaints line when I thought I'd calmed down enough. I hadn't. Burst into tears on her as well. She told me yes we have 3 different systems and Kevin is showing up on the bigpond and shipping one. I will talk to my supervisor and get it fixed. More false apologies.

I won't hold my breath. It's happened before and it will happen again. I know it will happen again. They've promised me so many times now that it won't that... it's going to.

What if Lee didn't have me here? What if this was some little old lady who had lost her husband and was just getting her life together when Telstra did this? What if she's just giving up ... because Telstra don't care. If they did they would overhaul their systems so this didn't happen again.

It will. Faith in Telstra has now gone from 50% to 0%.

Thub #2 Issues

This Thub is starting to do the same as the last one.

Watched Lee hit answer at least 13 times and nothing. Then when she tried to call the person back ended up with some Telstra voice saying "Thank you for calling." Which was just ridiculous when she's trying to call her daughter.

Which reminds me a couple of times they've cut off us being able to call mobile phones. When I've rung they've apologised clicked a couple of things and voila it's okay again. It's an issue when Lee is disabled and may need me at a moment's notice. She needs to be able to get a hold of me. That's happened twice in the 15 months I've been living here now.

What's the go Telstra?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mail Call for Kevin!

Well, that's a shock. Another package came for Kev today. Replacement Thub.

That poor couriers face when Lee bounded to the door excited thinking it was something she was waiting for in the mail.

C: "Package for Kevin?"
Lee went white, my blood pressure rose.
L: ANNE!!!!
I ran to the door and explained the situation while I signed for the package. I'm at the point where I want proof and the dates on the packaging. Although a huge part of me just wanted to send everything back as deceased until they figure it out.

It's not good enough.

Rang complaints AGAIN. Told him we want out of the contract - talked over me and changed the subject. Told me they only have one system and he's making sure to write notes all over the account to say that nothing is to be sent to Kevin again.

Assures me again that Kevin is NOWHERE on the account. I assure him that if Kev was NOWHERE on the account as he was claiming (as have all the other CSRS since I started handling this. They're either all liars or just incompetent.) then I wouldn't be dealing with one very upset woman with a huge gaping open wound of grief festering even more because of this.

I told him what the other CSR told me and he pretty much brushed me off. Patronising again. I'm writing notes all over the account that it's not to happen again.

Uh huh. So did EVERYONE else!! 

She wants counselling now. I can't say I blame her. This is ongoing and incredibly stressful. Shaking again once I got off the phone with them. It's turning me into someone I don't like being. I worked as a CSR I'm never rude - always patient. But I'm getting terse now - sick of not being listened to.

Although, it is good I've noticed that if you say "Complaints" you get straight to an Australian. So that's a good thing.

But, enough is enough. I've given them far too many chances. I told them in that first email that if they were a cat they'd only have 2 lives left and they gave them up long long ago. Ombudsman time! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where for art thou $200?

Noticed the $200 I paid on Jan 2nd never showed up on the bill.

Can't take talking to them anymore. I'm shaking when I get off the phone. I'll try live chat for a change.

Spoke to Tom from 7.30pm to 8.08pm.

He's going to run a bpay trace and give me a call back in a week. Tells me it's an invalid account number - I'm wondering if it's just an old account number. I knew I should have double checked when I paid that through bpay.

Where's my $200??

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drop Outs

Had to ring tech support today. 2:57 to 3:18 pm on the phone AGAIN.

I guess at least it wasn't a marathon 2 hour call again. At least she was helpful. Michelle was a great CSR - unlike the one before her who spent 30 mins helping before she just hung up on us. I get that there were 4 of us here trying to access the system. This Thomson Gateway is meant to handle 5 wireless and 4 ethernet. There weren't 9 devices trying to connect only 3 on wireless and 2 on ethernet.
She agreed to send out a replacement modem.

Guess who's name that came in?  Yeah, that was number 4. That's now 6 or 7 promises it won't happen again.

Had to explain to the CSR AGAIN that it's NOT a wireless issue. It can't be a wireless issue when hopping on wireless causes ethernet connections to drop - AND hopping on ONE ethernet causes EVERYTHING else to drop out. Scripts aren't useful in these situations.

This is about call 19 now since I decided we would no longer grin and bear it. After numerous reboots of the computer and the modem we got things working again. This should have been fixed the FIRST TIME!!

Cmon Telstra. It's impossible for my faith in you to get any lower. I'm coming to expect this inapptitude from you now. It's pathetic.