Thursday, February 16, 2012

Customer Resolution my arse

Spoke to the customer resolutions guy.

He told me how it had happened. (Exactly what I already knew as I've already been told this a few times. *sigh*) Acting like it was new news. Promised me it would never happen again.

So, in reply I said 'Okay, if you are promising me this will never happen again I want your agreement that if it DOES happen again you will let us out of the contract no fee." Fair enough right?

He was promising it would NEVER happen again (if only I had $1 for every time they'd said that to me.) so it shouldnt be a problem to agree to my conditions right? HA!

"Well, you still have 18 months on your contract so I can't do that."

My blood started to boil. But, I worked as a CSR I know there's no point in screaming at the person on the other side of the phone - ever. Doesn't matter how incompentent you think they are they're a human being too. I just took a deep breath.

I'd asked about a good will gesture on a previous call. So, I asked about that.

"We're willing to offer you one month of services free."

You can just imagine my face. I'm angry (at Telstra. Not this guy.) and my reaction was like *Blink* *Blink* *Blink*

"Hang on, so you're telling me setting someone's grieving process back 18 months is worth ONE month free? She has to go to therapy because of YOU guys."

"I apologise. We are willing to offer you one month."

*blink blink*

And the apology letter? "Yes, I can certainly send you a customer resolutions letter."

I was thinking 'that's not what I asked for. I asked for an apology letter.' It was funny every time he said apology letter he had to correct himself and say customer resolutions letter. Obviously something that says we have agreed to give you 1 month free to resolve the dispute.

Not "We are so sorry that you have had to call us so many bloody times to get this issue fixed. We are incompent arseholes with no soul." or something along those lines.

One month. I accepted it because I was just jack of them. Just up to here. I probably should have refused but where would that get us?

What's the bet we never get the apolo... sorry I mean customer resolutions letter anyway?

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