Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still charging us for a service we don't use eh?

I was just checking our bill to make sure that the goodwill gesture had been applied. They were still charging us for internet! We changed providers back in March.

So, I jumped on live chat and it's been over 30 mins now and the issue still isn't resolved. It's going to be interesting to see what he says when he does get back to me. I like they way they are trying to put the fault on Adam's shoulders. Adam have been nothing but brilliant with us.

You know the very best thing about Adam? Australians.

When Lee (that super awesome brilliant CSR who let us out of contract) put me through to the t-box people to cancel the woman on the other end seemed to be struggling a bit with what I was saying. I hung up wondering if she knew what I meant.

Oh, this CSR just saved the day. After leaving me hanging for over 15 mins without a word he came back to say after speaking to his supervisor they both agreed that we shouldn't have been charged anything at all once the service was ported over to Adam so he's going to close off and rebate everything.

If I were them I would still offer me a nice goodwill gesture for the mess. If they had? I probably would be writing this putting them in a better light. The CSR has been good so I can't complain about customer service today.

Okay he told me once everything gets rebated we should have a balance of under $0. He was good in the way that he was sincere in his apologies - or at least came across as so.

So, as of now still no apology letter - we've since stopped holding our breath on that one. But it looks like once everything is said and it is all cancelled. I was on the chat for over an hour while he sorted it out. I had to laugh that he told me that everything on the account had been changed everywhere possible to make sure that no more packages would come out in Kev's name. I told him we knew it wouldn't as we had changed providers.

Still, all in all I think we can finally call this matter resolved. Not as we would have liked with an apology letter - which I may still chase up. It's a matter of principle now. But, now that we won't be left owing anything I don't feel half as irritated. Seeing a balance owing of $225 when I expected it to be maybe $10 was a bit of a shock this morning though.

So, there we go... I'll update if we ever do hear anything from them. I am tempted to send them an invoice for all the hours I have wasted on the phone to them over the past far too long.

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