Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drop Outs

Had to ring tech support today. 2:57 to 3:18 pm on the phone AGAIN.

I guess at least it wasn't a marathon 2 hour call again. At least she was helpful. Michelle was a great CSR - unlike the one before her who spent 30 mins helping before she just hung up on us. I get that there were 4 of us here trying to access the system. This Thomson Gateway is meant to handle 5 wireless and 4 ethernet. There weren't 9 devices trying to connect only 3 on wireless and 2 on ethernet.
She agreed to send out a replacement modem.

Guess who's name that came in?  Yeah, that was number 4. That's now 6 or 7 promises it won't happen again.

Had to explain to the CSR AGAIN that it's NOT a wireless issue. It can't be a wireless issue when hopping on wireless causes ethernet connections to drop - AND hopping on ONE ethernet causes EVERYTHING else to drop out. Scripts aren't useful in these situations.

This is about call 19 now since I decided we would no longer grin and bear it. After numerous reboots of the computer and the modem we got things working again. This should have been fixed the FIRST TIME!!

Cmon Telstra. It's impossible for my faith in you to get any lower. I'm coming to expect this inapptitude from you now. It's pathetic.

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