Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ombudsman leads to action and more tech issues

Had a call from the customer resolutions centre today - telling me he was going to be investigating the issue.

Told him I have no faith. I don't care. When he started to tell me it would never happen again I stopped him. "I'm sorry but I've HEARD that before - TOO many times." He stopped and listened for another minute or two as I listed things off.

I only talked about the Kevin stuff - not the other issues. When he said "Well I don't want to tell you it won't happen again as you have heard that far too many times." I felt relieved. I thought to myself finally someone is listening!

Yeah... I must remember Telstra are incompent. Even at higher levels I bet nothing gets fixed.

Had to call Tech support again today (there's a surprise!). First the CSR couldn't see any drop outs - then she could see drop outs and wanted to send someone out to check the line. Which if there were no faults would be $120 fee to us. No thank you. You guys are useless. We are not paying - no matter what. Sorry you've screwed us over for too long now.

She put it through for a call back from the tech guy. He rang me back and told me it would most certainly be $120. I told him never mind. We're not paying that. I'll just call back for the 20th or so time when it happened again. What kind of training are they providing for people? I get if I was a rude and disgruntled customer - but look at our notes! Seriously - I wish there was a way to get a hold of them. I would love to see what they'd written all over them.

So, Minesh is off investigating. Let's see where that leads because seriously...

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