Monday, April 16, 2012

Apology Letter (Or Rather lack there of)

Feb 16 2012 we were promised an apology letter (again. Seeing the one from August last year never showed up.)

It's now April 16 2012.

Still no apology letter. No "customer resolutions" letter either.

We may no longer be customers but we still want that apology, Telstra. Not too much to ask for after what you've put us through surely. My voice is getting heard - word of mouth is a powerful tool.

There is something wrong with your systems. Fix it. Don't tell me "I'll pass that feedback on." Don't give me that fake"I apologise." You need to take the 2 or 3 CSRs I spoke to who cared and actually did mean it when they apologised and get them to train the rest of them who liked to tell me "It's impossible."

If it was so impossible then why was I on the phone with the packaging in my hands addressed to a dead man?

But, I guess I am expecting too much waiting for an apology letter to come from a company who never could actually remove a dead man from an account. Despite the account being closed and opened with a completely new account number.

But, I think I'll just let the ombudsman know that we still don't have the apology letter. I'm sure you'll appreciate that. You can't really send a 'customer resolutions letter' as we're no longer customers. Adam Internet have treated us far far better than you ever did.

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