Sunday, April 8, 2012

Broken Promises

My housemate lost her partner to a battle with cancer on Sept 2nd 2010.

Telstra were notified of his loss very soon after it happened and the account was closed. Lee opened a new account in her name.

This is where the hell with Telstra began. We trusted them, and it wasn't until Feb we started keeping a record of each and every call.  You'll be horrified at how long it took them to fix our issues, which were numerous.

  • Took 12 months to remove "Welcome Kevin" from the homepage. 
  • Took 2 replacement modems to fix the technical problems (6 months and at least 12 or more hours of my time on the phone.)
  • Took 2 tboxes to get one that worked
  • Gave up on the thub after the 3rd replacement failed as well
  • SIX packages out of 9 were sent in Kevins name - the last one being on March 2nd 2012. (Despite me calling every single time and being promised it would never happen again)
  • Lost a $200 payment (partly my fault on that one) and sent a cheque to an address I haven't lived at for over 4 years.

On March 2 2011 Telstra finally agreed to let us out of the contract without fees. I am very grateful to that CSR for actually listening to me instead of the patronising 'I apologise. It shouldn't have happened. It will never happen again.' (I wish I had just $1 for every time I heard that from them.)

It's a good thing we have Yogi Da Cavachon to help with the stress relief. We'd be insane by now if not for that gorgeous puppy.

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