Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life After Telstra

So, I rang Adam and told them that we wanted to start a new account.

It was so great to be talking to someone in my state. I made him laugh because I said "I'm coming home. I've MISSSSED you guys!!"

Told him about Telstra and what they'd done. He was mortified. He said how he used to be a team leader for them and it was shocking some of the things they do. It's one of the reasons he left.

Asked my name and I said actually it's going to be in Lee's name but she hates talking to you guys after what Telstra has put her through. So, I handed her the phone and said 'be nice.'

I listend to their one sided conversation for a while and smiled because she was laughing and joking around with him. Which was SO damn good to see instead of her going white and getting more and more annoyed.

After she hangs up she tells me he felt so bad about what Telstra did he knocked $50 off the connection fee. Hear that Telstra? You offered 1 month free and I had to ASK for it.

Adam gave it to us because they wanted to! We didn't ask - we never would have even thought of asking.

But, I tell you what it made Lee happy. Our service is so much better. SO much better! It's quicker, and when I do have to call tech support I don't have any trouble understanding people who are a 15 minute drive from where I am. (Had to call them to figure out how to set up the voip).

So, after all this time it's finally over.

Oh, no apology letter ever arrived. We got the bill for the $300 owing to Telstra though - which isn't showing the goodwill gesture of one month. I am waiting to get the termination notice saying we owe $900 though. I look forward sending that to the ombudsman. I did ring them one last time to tell them that we never recieved the apology letter and to update them on the situation.

I really really want that apology letter. Not a resolutions letter. An apology letter. For the rotten hell they have put us all through the past several months. It's nice that they've wanted Kev to live on and never be forgotten. The thing is Kev will never be forgotten. He was loved and cherished by too many for that to ever happen.

However, I tense up and get so annoyed when Telstra is mentioned - even just in passing. I just feel this ball of rage building. It's funny they say you give good customer service and the customer will tell 3 people. You give bad customer service and they'll tell 10. I think you give horrific service that goes on for months and don't do anything about fixing the situation - and they'll tell everyone they meet AND write a blog on the internet.

So there you go. We are free of Telstra now service wise but they're still upsetting me. However, knowing that we are with such a great caring company makes me very happy. We love you Adam. Never change!

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