Friday, February 3, 2012

Mail Call for Kevin!

Well, that's a shock. Another package came for Kev today. Replacement Thub.

That poor couriers face when Lee bounded to the door excited thinking it was something she was waiting for in the mail.

C: "Package for Kevin?"
Lee went white, my blood pressure rose.
L: ANNE!!!!
I ran to the door and explained the situation while I signed for the package. I'm at the point where I want proof and the dates on the packaging. Although a huge part of me just wanted to send everything back as deceased until they figure it out.

It's not good enough.

Rang complaints AGAIN. Told him we want out of the contract - talked over me and changed the subject. Told me they only have one system and he's making sure to write notes all over the account to say that nothing is to be sent to Kevin again.

Assures me again that Kevin is NOWHERE on the account. I assure him that if Kev was NOWHERE on the account as he was claiming (as have all the other CSRS since I started handling this. They're either all liars or just incompetent.) then I wouldn't be dealing with one very upset woman with a huge gaping open wound of grief festering even more because of this.

I told him what the other CSR told me and he pretty much brushed me off. Patronising again. I'm writing notes all over the account that it's not to happen again.

Uh huh. So did EVERYONE else!! 

She wants counselling now. I can't say I blame her. This is ongoing and incredibly stressful. Shaking again once I got off the phone with them. It's turning me into someone I don't like being. I worked as a CSR I'm never rude - always patient. But I'm getting terse now - sick of not being listened to.

Although, it is good I've noticed that if you say "Complaints" you get straight to an Australian. So that's a good thing.

But, enough is enough. I've given them far too many chances. I told them in that first email that if they were a cat they'd only have 2 lives left and they gave them up long long ago. Ombudsman time! 

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